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Our Legacy & Vision

The Fioretti Family strives to engage and inspire those around us to help make the world a better place with integrity, creativity, fun and gratitude. We believe that each of us have been gifted with special talents and that we are committed to using our time, talents and resources to the improvement of self, family, friends and the circles of influence that we choose to be a part of for the betterment of world.

The Fioretti Family Foundation feels particularly called to support entrepreneurs to build innovative organizations that effectively make the world a better place. We are eager to assist high impact organization scale their operations through financial assistance and capacity building.

We're Passionate About


We look for leaders who are innovative, strategic, and passionate about their cause. In order to make a meaningful impact in the community, we believe a leader must have an authentic approach and a clear action plan. They need to have a track record of addressing challenges and adapting to changes in the environment.

A Well-Defined Mission

The groups who we choose to work with are laser focused on a specific mission to create value for the people and communities involved. We have found that organizations who focus on a particular mission tend to have superior execution compared to others who do not define their overall goal.

Measurable results

We believe that nonprofits are truly successful when they can demonstrate measurable results. Organizations that we support are able to produce a comprehensive plan which quantifies the impact on the community over time. We require reporting on an ongoing basis to ensure that the operation is sustainable.

Our Philanthropic Partners Display The Following Traits

  • A unique and well-defined mission
  • Excellent programs or services that clearly advance the mission
  • A clear path to measure results
  • A three to five-year strategic plan
  • A business model and cost structure demonstrating that the organization will make a greater impact in a more efficient way as it grows
  • An amazing leader who has attracted strong executive talent with a coachable spirit
  • A strong and effective board of directors, or a desire to establish one
Fioretti Family
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