partnership criteria

We are powered by partnerships.  Mountain Funding has been investing strategic capital with a limited group of partners for over 25 years to amplify their visions and success.  

Our Partners Share These Traits

  • Privately owned by senior management, with a successful team focused on excellence
  • Proven, competitive advantage in a focused market niche, with a successful track record. 
  • Well-positioned to pursue opportunities that generate above market, risk-adjusted returns
  • An ability to produce meaningful and forward-thinking financial reporting on a consistent basis
  • A culture built for success that aligns with our values, including: high integrity, striving to be "best in class", maintaining a positive perspective on life, and having fun along the journey
  • A focus on their people and partners, with collaboration and alignment of interest.

Property Types & Geography

We invest alongside operating partners whose capabilities within specific asset classes and geographical markets have produced a track record of success.


We are agnostic to specific property types and geography.  Our primary focus is the operating partner; their team, their values, and their competitive advantage within their specific market niche.


Our current portfolio consists of the following:

• Retail

• Office

• Multifamily

• Industrial

• Single Family


We pursue strategic entity/platform investments, Lead Investor or Co-GP investments, and "programmatic" Limited Partner investments in individual real estate assets that should have a meaningful impact on our operating partner's success.


We do not invest in "one-off" deals that seem attractive.







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